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Undergraduate projects

Much of our research is carried out by undergraduates, and we feel strongly that every undergraduate should have a research experience. Our lab has lots of undergraduate researchers who participate in different ways, and the experience gained and letters of recommendation provided are invaluable for professional success. We hire students full-time in the summers and part-time during the academic year to help with ongoing projects. Some students conduct independent research. Some students volunteer or work for academic credit as a way of seeing what it’s like to be in a research lab. Undergraduate alumni of our lab are very successful professionally and many are in graduate or professional school or have successful professional careers (see People and Alumni).

Graduate studies

Obtaining grad student spots in the lab is competitive as we receive many inquiries each year. We have students working from the ecological level to the molecular level, and all our work is motivated by ecological and evolutionary questions.

Post-doctoral positions

We do not have financial support for a postdoc at present, but will advertise here and elsewhere when we do. However, we are always interested in writing proposals with young scientists anxious to explore common interests.